My.Yo yoghurt starter

Yes, there are good bacteria too!

Our organic yogurt ferments all contain a high number of different yogurt strains. Freshly prepared, the yogurt bacteria chase full of energy through your body.

MADE IN GERMANY: For over 15 years we have been producing organic yogurt cultures according to DE-ÖKO-013. The yogurt ferments can be used in many ways, i.e. for probiotic yogurt, naturally mild yogurt, Bulgarian yogurt, but also kefir, buttermilk or vegan "yogurt".

NATURAL: The yogurt powder contains no artificial or animal additives and thus allows a 100% original, refreshing and creamy yogurt enjoyment. It is particularly low in calories, fat and cholesterol.

VERSATILE: The yogurt ferments can be used with cow UHT milk (1.5% or 3.5%) for the classic version, with lactose-free milk or even vegan with the soy drink of your choice

SUSTAINABLE: After 12-14 hours in the electricity-free My.Yo yogurt maker, the yogurt is ready and can be stored in the refrigerator for about 1 week, without the annoying plastic waste of conventional yogurt pots.

EFFICIENT: The bacteria for yogurt in the 6 x 5 gr package are suitable for the production - with over-inoculation - of up to 30 L of homemade yogurt. How do I overinoculate yogurt? Quite simply, mix about 100-150ml of finished yogurt with 1 liter of milk. (Again, please make sure that the yogurt is not too cool.) Add 3/4 liter of boiling water to the yogurt maker and place the milk-yogurt mix on top. When making kefir and buttermilk, use only 1/2 liter of water. Close the lid and let the yogurt ripen for about 12-14 hours, kefir and buttermilk need about 24 hours. You can repeat this process several times. However, please pay strict attention to hygiene so that no foreign germs multiply.