Enthusiasm for good food.

Do you know the feeling of having cooked or baked something yourself and then tasting it for the first time? Mmm, how delicious - because nothing beats the taste of food you've prepared yourself. When we launched our first ferments on the market in 2004, we were looked at in amazement. Why should you prepare your own yogurt? You can easily buy it in the supermarket!

At that time, many consumers did not care about our arguments such as particularly good quality (very high number of probiotic bacteria) and sustainability (electricity-free yogurt maker and avoidance of plastic cup waste). But that has changed thoroughly in recent years. That's why we see ourselves a little bit as pioneers in the field of fermentation.

  • We produce all our organic yogurt ferments in Germany according to high quality standards. This ensures consistently good products that reach the organic markets via short routes.
  • We don't want to surprise our customers with a new product every month - because new products need time, and we take it.
  • Our My.Yo electroless yogurt makers are made for us by a reputable manufacturer in Spain. Of course, the materials used are BPA-free and therefore perfectly suitable for use with food. Since no motor or other electrical components are used, your yogurt maker looks forward to a long and fulfilling life in your household.

"We want more and more consumers to share our passion for home-prepared, high-quality and healthy food."

Astrid Krapf and Anke Krauss

Dipl. Communication Economist and Dipl. Biotechnologist

Developers of My.Yo