What does Lacto Pro® actually mean?

Our intestines have a lot to do: Food has to be digested, hormones produced and germs eliminated. For these tasks, the intestine cultivates helpers in the form of bacteria that settle in the colon. There, it ensures the optimum temperature and enriches the environment with nutrients - so that the active helpers feel really at home.

A fully grown intestinal flora is home to more than 100 trillion individual bacteria - just take a look at this number: 100,000,000,000, which means that we have more foreign organisms in our body than our own cells!

Unfortunately, "hostile" bacterial strains also creep into this complex system. An intact intestinal environment manages to ward off these unwelcome invaders. Lactobacteria and bifidobacteria, also known as probiotics, are particularly strong helpers. They enter the intestinal flora intact, because what is special about them is that they can successfully pass through stomach acid and bile juices.

Once there, they can help support the immune system. Unfortunately, these good helpers cannot settle permanently in the intestinal flora, so we have to keep replenishing them - simply by eating good yogurt. We can also keep them happy, for example by feeding them a vegetable dietary fiber. We use inulin, which is extracted from the agave plant and has prebiotic properties. https://www.myyo.de/p/my-yo-joghurtferment-lacto-pro-r-inulin.

However, manufacturers are not allowed to mention the exact effect of the respective lactic acid bacteria on the packaging. This is because our current food law prohibits advertising with health-promoting claims. We have labeled our products with probiotic cultures especially for you: Wherever it says Lacto Pro®, it also says probiotics.

Feel free to google probiotics and their effects on the Internet!

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