My.Yo yoghurt maker, electricity-free, Lime

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High electricity costs? Not with us.

If you love yoghurt, there‘s often no getting around the daily plastic waste. Now you can make yoghurt yourself and keep an eye on the environment - with our electricity-free My.Yo. Yoghurt Maker. Our yoghurt maker is a European quality product that is subject to strict regulations. Of course, the yoghurt maker is food-safe and BPA-free.

Why should you make yoghurt yourself anyway?

Freshly made yoghurt simply tastes incomparably delicious. But freshness is also important for the positive effect of yoghurt. Because the fresher the yoghurt is, the more agile the little helpers are. And you can rejoice in the fact that you are actively helping to avoid unnecessary waste. Have you ever thought about how many plastic cups you accumulate in your life as a yoghurt fan? Well, that‘s the end of it.


  • Simple, sustainable and smart
  • Works without electricity
  • For 1 litre of yoghurt
  • European quality product
  • Food safe and BPA free

All in one pot

No cumbersome temperature measuring

No annoying filling of individual jars

The inner container can be stored in the fridge to save space.

One for all

Not only suitable for home use but also for travelling (camping, hotel, boat).

Also ideal for keeping food warm/cool.

Our tip: Take the yoghurt maker to the ice cream parlour and have it filled directly with fresh ice cream.