Set of 4 yoghurt ferments

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SET | The set of 4 offers variety and diversity for your homemade yogurt. It contains: 1 pck. Lacto Pro + Inulin (3x25 gr) 1 pck. Lacto Pro (3x5 gr) 1 pck. yogurt ferment mild (3x5 gr) 1 pck. ferment for kefir (3x5 gr) MADE IN GERMANY | For over 15 years we produce organic yogurt cultures according to DE-ÖKO-13, versatile usable for mild yogurt in different varieties NATURAL | The yogurt powder contains no artificial or animal additives and thus allows a 100% natural mild yogurt enjoyment. It is particularly low in calories, fat and cholesterol. VERSATILE | For vegan yogurt, the ferment can be used most easily with soy drinks, but also with cow UHT milk (1.5% or 3.5%) or lactose-free milk SUSTAINABLE | After 12-14 hours in the yogurt maker, the yogurt is ready and can be stored in the refrigerator for about 1 week, without the annoying plastic waste of conventional yogurt pots. Translated with (free version)